Up Your's Instagram: Bookstagram Blogger Directory

by - 17 November

Because we are strong independent bloggers who don't need no money-hungry content-surpressing addiction-inducing data-stealing social media plattform! 

Here are your favourite bookstagrammer's blogs for you to follow and support. Please feel free to nominate yourself or a content creator of your choice and I will happily add you to the list (non-English language entries welcome):

IG  Blog URL
@thebookwormofnotredame The Bookworm of Notre Damethebookwormofnotredame.wordpress.com
@daughter.of.words Daughter of Words daughterwords.wixsite.com/website
@miasbookblog Mia's Book Blog miasbookblog96.wordpress.com
@whatshotblog What's Hot Blog whatshotblog.com
@bethsbookshelf Daisy Chains daisychains.co
@withlovepaulaa.wordpress.com With Love Paulaa withlovepaulaa.wordpress.com
@fangirlshideout Mettel Ray mettelray.com
@booksandpeonies Books and Peonies booksandpeonies.com
@book_walk Book Walk book-walk.de
@miss_foxy_reads Miss Foxy Reads missfoxyreads.de
@pigletandherbooks Piglet and Her Books pigletandherbooks.de
@byckrobertson By C. K. Robertson byckrobertson.com
@tintenweberin_ Behind the Books behindthebooks.de

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