Find your Faves: Bookstagrammers and where you can find their blogs

by - 17 November

The sentiment on bookstagram seems to be changing. I spoke to a lot of people who feel frustrated with Instagram, its ever changing algorithms, and clear movements to monitize every last corner of the app (I'm talking about you, "Shopping" button...). The ominous changes to their data policy are also not helping the general discontentment with the 'gram.

A lot of us in the literary community feel that these changes make it harder and harder to do share our love for books and connect with others - which is why we set up our bookstagram accounts in the first place. I know more and more of us would be ready to leave the app, but don't want to lose sight of each other.
So, I wanted to encourage connecting via the platforms we set up ourselves. Because we are strong independent bloggers who don't need no money-hungry content-surpressing addiction-inducing data-stealing social media plattform! 

Without further ado, here are your favourite bookstagrammer's blogs for you to follow and support. This list will be regularly updated. Please feel free to nominate yourself / a content creator of your choice, and I will happily add you as well (non-English language entries are welcome too):

IG  Blog URL
@thebookwormofnotredame The Bookworm of Notre
@daughter.of.words Daughter of Words
@miasbookblog Mia's Book Blog
@whatshotblog What's Hot Blog
@bethsbookshelf Daisy Chains With Love Paulaa
@fangirlshideout Mettel Ray
@booksandpeonies Books and Peonies
@book_walk Book Walk
@miss_foxy_reads Miss Foxy Reads
@pigletandherbooks Piglet and Her Books
@byckrobertson By C. K. Robertson
@tintenweberin_ Behind the Books

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