March 2018 Wrap-Up: Book fair, Marvel and Macarons

by - 07 April

Hello dear readers!

It's a little late, and to be honest I kind of forgot about writing a wrap-up for March (yes shame on me), but hey, it's here now! It was an interesting month, although I once again finished only three books. This it made me think about why reading became more exhausting than relaxing for me. One of the reasons is probably that I put too much pressure on myself. I worry about writing a good review before even finishing a book, worry about the value of a book (as in sophistication - what are you even doing, brain?) and about the fact that it still takes me longer to read in English, which is particularly frustrating. So, I have just decided that in April, I will try to worry less and not write a review for every book, specifically because I start writing, get self conscious and then never post them. You should see my drafts. Spoiler, it's not pretty in there.


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – J. K. Rowling – 317 pages – ☕☕☕☕☕⭐
The Annotated Alice – Lewis Carrol – 345 pages – ☕☕☕☕
Mausmeer – Tamara Bach – 144 pages – ☕☕☕


Thinking, Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahnemann
Von Dieser Welt – James Baldwin

There's not much I can say about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban besides that it is still one of my favourite books of all time, I will never stop loving it and am very proud that my little brother is listening to its audio book for probably the 13th time. Next generation Potterhead, recruited! Real talk here though, don't you agree that JKR could've set Sirius free and still gone on with the plot as it happened in the next books? Somehow I'll never forgive her for denying Harry and Sirius even a summer of feeling like an actual family.

Moving on, I finally sat down to read The Annotated Alice and had much more fun finishing it in a few days than spreading it out over weeks like before. This one is actually getting a review, but I can already say that it was a super enjoyable read and the annotations are only to be recommended!

For the first time this year, I picked up a German book and even though Mausmeer couldn't convince me entirely, it was actually really good for my brain to read in a different language again. Although I want to keep reading English books in their original versions instead of translations into German, from now on I will also pick up more books written by German authors.

If you follow my wrap-ups, you'll notice that Thinking, Fast and Slow just won't disappear from this list. This book is not a bad read, in fact it provided a lot of fascinating and insightful arguments and findings already, but it's impossible to read quickly. It was good to know that, according to many Goodreads reviews, I'm not alone with this problem. So, I've decided to stop pressuring myself and  am kind of DNF-ing it. I'll keep reading a few pages now and then, but want to prioritise books that are easier to get through.

And finally, thanks to dtv publishing, I started reading my first Baldwin! Yes, Von dieser Welt is the German version, but it was a surprise review copy and as I attended a panel on how this translation came to be, it's actually very interestig to experience the result myself. I'm excited to be #tappingintobaldwin!


Fun fact: When the first two Iron Man movies came out, I watched and loved them but was absolutely oblivious of their greater context. After hearing more and more from superhero obsessed friends though, I finally decided to find out what exactly everyone was obsessed with - and fell in love with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's Star Wars all over again: I wasn't ready for it before but boi, what have I missed! It's such a great experience to watch the big movies in the correct timeline, I'm amazed by how well everything fits together and even learned to glance over the classic "yeah, sure" moments. Next on my list is Avengers: Civil War and dkhfgsx I am so excited! The plan is to finish the 'main' storyline before Infinity War comes out (jlkxdnwrn!!) and after that check out the many TV shows for side plots. Sounds good huh? Where are my Marvel fans at?


If you are German (or followed my Instagram stories), you'll know our annual book fair was the place to be for all booksters in March. I had the best time and as a lot of you Internationals were actually interested in reading about it, I will translate my original German post for you guys!
And, on a completely random note, I discovered an amazing, tiny patisserie with amazing, tiny cakes! There, I had my first ever Macarons (yes it took me this long to try them) and let me tell you, I'll definitely be going back there.
Now, there's not much left to say - I'm sorry if this wrap-up was a little rambly. Next month, I definitely want to read and post more, but won't put too much pressure on myself or it won't work out anyway. Do you feel similar about reading and posting? What was your month like?

As always, thank you so much for reading, and here's to an amazing April 

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  1. Was für ein toller Rückblick, liebe Sandy. Ich finde gar nicht, dass man immer viel lesen muss, viel wichtiger ist, dass man es mit Freude tut und qualitativ tolle Sachen liest :)

    Ich freue mich so sehr, dass du so sehr im MCU bist und ich hoffe, dass vor allem wir es waren, die dich so sehr für die Filme begeistern konnten. Freue mich auf jeden Fall, dass wir dich jetzt auch zum Fangirlen haben <3


    1. Vielen Dank liebe Jule! Da hast du absolut Recht. :)
      Die Einflüsse zum MCU kamen schon lange von sehr vielen Seiten, aber ja, ihr habt mir den letzten Anstoß gegeben um den Stein endlich ins Rollen zu bringen, also Danke dafür! :D Ich bin auch so froh immer wieder großartige Geschichten zu finden, für die man sich so begeistern kann. Und natürlich für mit-Fangirls (und boys) wie euch! ♥

  2. Hey!
    Mausmeer habe ich auch noch vor mir, ich bin gespannt.
    Und zu Marvel: Ich habe mich erst vor einem Jahr oder so an die Filme gewagt, vorher habe ich angenommen, dass das absolut nix für mich ist (so habe ich also auch erst Star Wars und die DC Sachen letztes Jahr für mich entdeckt und bin nun absolut verfallen).
    Marvel hat ziemlich coole Sachen, aber ich bin eher verliebt in das DC Universum, mit den skurrilen Charakteren und den verrückten Schurken <3
    Demnächst schaue ich aber nochmal alle Marvel Sachen an, und da gebe ich dir recht, es hat was, wenn man so Anspielungen versteht, weil man die Filme kennt. :)

    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Hey Nicci! Da halte ich mal die Augen offen, bin gespannt wie du Mausmeer findest.
      Ich freu mich sehr dass es dir mit Marvel, Star Wars etc. auch so ging. :D Gerade wenn man vorher ein bisschen skeptisch war ist es schön, so mitgerissen zu werden. DC ist zwar nicht so meins aber das macht ja gar nichts. :) Diese ganzen Verbindungen zu ziehen ist wirklich großartig, ich wünsche dir viel Spaß beim neu entdecken!