Avengers - Infinity War: Random Thoughts + Support Group for Traumatised Fans [Spoilers]

by - 26 April

Hi. So. Umm. Infinity War happened. And, guys, we need to talk.

If you have not seen the movie yet and want to avoid spoilers - this is your warning. Run away now. Seriously, this is your last chance to close this post and not have the movie ruined for you. Come back once you have seen it. And let me tell you, you'll need it. Because damn. You are not prepared.

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I don't even know where to start, and as I'm still incapable of forming coherent thoughts, here is a random list of them:

  • I seriously can't decide if I loved or hated it. I rarely felt ALL THE EMOTIONS during a single movie. And the entire theatre was so engaged. From laughing like crazy over cheering and audible gasps to muffled sobs and stunned silence so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I still get shivers thinking about it. Infinity War certainly made us feel something. 
  • The plot holes were so annoying. The out of character moments. The unnecessarily easy defeat. I have a feeling everything makes sense when we get Part II next year (they better make it good) but until then we're stuck with this and it's confusing and just...sucks.
  • Okay now to the actual spoilers. Tony. I have been Team Iron Man from the start (and the fandom does him dirty constantly so I'm overprotective anyway), and when Thanos stabbed him I was in for a panic attack. But what happened then was even worse for Tony and it broke my heart. Having to watch everyone die because his life was spared was his nightmare come to life. Can you even imagine the guilt he must feel. And then Peter. Who is like a son to him, who reminds him so much of himself, whom he wanted to help and give a purpose yet keep safe. And even though he trusted him, he also knew he was just a kid. And to have that kid crumble away before him, clinging on scared to him, asking to be saved and he couldn't do anything to stop it? I felt like my heart was ripped out by Thanos himself. Just no.
  • Peter deserved better as well. "What's a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man without a neighbourhood" killed me. So brave. I'm so proud of him. He won my heart with every scene he had since Civil War, his dynamic with Tony is so great and his own movie really helped me through a crappy time. He makes me smile so much and basically this was the worst thing to happen to both of them and I am not okay with it.
  • Everyone else who dissolved. You could feel the shift from confusion to desperation in the entire theatre. From Bucky's "Steve" to Groot and Rocket to T'Challa and Okoye, it was so hard to watch.
  • The parallel between Thanos and Killmonger at the Wakandan sunset? Did nobody pick up on that?? 
  • Everything about Gamora. What a queen.
  • I hate to admit it but as f*ed up as Thanos is, they managed to make me care for him a tiny bit. He genuinely thinks he is helping and I really believe he loved Gamora in his crude way. He could be so soft and gentle I almost felt for him, but then he tortures his less favourite daughter and sacrifices the other and then I was back to nope. Thanks. You jerk.
  • Doctor Strange. What are you playing at dude?? WHY DID HE NEVER USE THE TIME STONE he literally defeated a dark dimension demon thingy with it why did he not use the damn thing
  • Somebody suggested that when he fought Thanos and sent some kind of wave towards him, maybe it put everyone in the mirror dimension? It seems like he saw that they needed to give up all stones and let everything happen in order to get to the path eventually leading to victory, but why not share the plan? He better have something good up his sleeve. He literally said he'd save the Time Stone before saving either Tony or Peter, and yet did exactly that to spare Tony's life? There has to be a plan behind this.
  • Same for Loki. I refuse to believe he's really gone. His death was so unnecessary and cruel and?? Un-Loki? Someone pointed out that he was off-screen for a long time before he faced Thanos and tried to stab him (as if Loki was that stupid), then him characterising himself as "son of Odin" with a suspicious look to Thor which seemed like a clue rather than sentimentality, all suggesting he prepared another deception. Also, Tom said in an interview, "Don't worry, Loki is the God of Mischief" and will appear again so I think he will come back.
  • Quill sabotaging everything because he learned what Thanos did to Gamora? Stop underestimating him?? I felt like he was badly presented here, as jealous, insecure and selfish. As if he didn't know the best way to hurt Thanos was to take the stones from him, not punch him in the face a couple times. Idk.
  • Let's get more positive: Wakanda was freaking amazing. When the drums started in the background I got chiiills. Also I need to know that Shuri is okay please?
  • Usually I'm not a big fan of either Wanda or Vision, but the film actually made me care from them more than before. It was painful to watch Wanda finally give in only to see it undone and then have him die again. Damn. Girl been through a lot.
  • Drax is the comic relief we all need but don't deserve. The entire theater was dying of laughter, especially during the first setups between the Avengers-Guardians alliance.
  • Ngl Cap lost most of my respect in Civil War, but damn I was never so happy to see him
  • Tony wanting kids I'm still not okay
  • Banner being more than just the Hulk and actually helpful as a human made me happy
  • Thor! Oh man how did I not mention Thor yet. I loved him more with every movie, since Ragnarok he belongs to my top favourites and now this?? Losing EVERYTHING? And the way Chris portrayed his grief through tears and forced laughter not quite working and his determination and rage he tried to channel through all the sadness, completely broke me
  • What was the point of saving all the Asgardians in Ragnarok, of Thanos leaving half of them alive (apparently) before blowing the entire ship to pieces? Why?
  • Um. What was Peter Dinklage doing there. He's great but must he be in everything? Why he so tall? So weird
  • Since when are stab wounds that go through the entire body not lethal I'm just saying
  • The freaking long thin weird "child" of Thanos with the crazy mind power and super annoying voice omg I just wanted to smack him I hate his face
  • Peter getting rid of him through pop culture in this genius way seriously millennial brilliance I was so proud
  • If something happened to Hawkeye or his family I stg there will be a riot
  • Bucky and Rocket making that shooting circle and bonding over weapons or bantering over the arm "I'll get that thing off" I wanted more of that
  • Why did Bucky get...nothing? Barely lines or screen time or interactions with Steve or Sam why not 
  • the jokes in general. Some people found them unnecessary but I loved it, that's what I'm here for too
  • I'm still unsure. I want everything to be un-made but would also feel a bit robbed because then this entire movie was pointless idk idk
  • I'll see it again this Sunday (how will I survive this) and maybe add a few points or things that I might have missed the first time
For now, it's your turn. Just drop every thought, opinion, scream or keyboard smashing feeling in the comment section and we'll have ourselves a little support group. My heart goes out to everyone who lost a fav or saw them suffer (so literally all Avengers fans), here's a big hug. Breathe. The sun's getting real low.

[Edit] Here are my thoughts after watching it for the second time

  • I thought it would be easier the second time but when the Marvel logo came up I was like nope, this is going to be just as hard
  • Could Loki not have escaped with the stone? Why did he show it to Thanos after all?
  • Hulk is physically a match to Thanos so it's good he survived
  • The woman next to me was absolutely shocked when Heimdall died and I was just like lmao you have no idea honey (unfortunately she turned out to be super annoying)
  • I am even more convinced Loki prepared something between Hulk attacking Thanos and Loki's attempt to stab the guy. Thanos saying "No resurrections this time" has me worried. But they knew each other before, worked together during Avengers 1, so Thanos must have known about his staff and Loki must have figured out a weakness of Thanos. I refuse to believe that was it
  • I don't get why Thanos did not leave any Asgardians alive, though apparently Valkyrie escaped with a few survivors on a small ship so we'll see
  • This time I found different things more emotional. Everything between Thanos and Gamora was more intense and made me tear up because I knew what was going to happen
  • Same goes for Peter and Tony. The foreshadowing is actually evil thanks for nothing Marvel
  • "Wong you're invited to my wedding" (so Tony and Pepper are still engaged)
  • The Guardians were listening to "The Rubberband Man" by The Spinners you're welcome
  • "It's like a pirate and an angel had a baby" "Stop rubbing his muscles"
  • Quill pretending to have a deep voice was hilarious
  • "You're a dude. He's a man"
  • "I'm so still and slow I'm invisible" sure Drax
  • Thor calling Rocket "rabbit"
  • "Goodbye, morons"
  • The "Go right" scene makes me both laugh and cry
  • Why are they handing Thanos everything? Strange gets caught so easily, Gamora practically walks into his grasp, idk, it's like they're not even trying sometimes
  • This time I also got more annoyed at Cap. "We don't trade lives" bohoo well done now half the universe is dead
  • It's weird that Doctor Strange and Tony suddenly changed their strategies to agree with what the other said before (we're not going to Thanos vs let's take the fight to him)
  • Tony telling Peter the ship would be a one way ticket and actually being right I'm still not okay
  • "What master do I serve what am I supposed to say Jesus??"
  • Peter destroying Footloose for Quill lmao
  • Crowd reactions: When the Wakanda drums started in the background, you could practically feel a collective shiver going through the audience
  • When Peter Dinklage appeared, everyone chuckled knowingly
  • Thor voluntarily learning Groot on Asgard is so random and pure
  • Tony knighted Peter as an Avenger and he died as one STILL NOT OKAY
  • When Thanos took Gamora to that throne thing and talked to her, he sat on the stairs instead of the chair and that symbolised so much to me. You could feel their heavy relationship, how difficult it is for Gamora because in some way she does love him, despite of everything she knows he's her dad and he in turn loves her so much but put this giant weight on his shoulders. And anytime he called her little one, my heart broke a bit more for them. They could've been an amazing team if things had just gone differently. Idk. It's really sad.
  • I could now concentrate on the entire debate surrounding 'overpopulation' etc. and it suddenly felt more like a fight between Conservatism and Liberalism rather than good and evil. I really really admire what they did with Thanos as a character.
  • Thor saying "What more can I loose" shattered my heart, his character developments is one of my favourites and he deserves so much better
  • "Thank you sweet rabbit"
  • Nebula's escape was super badass I think we all underrate her
  • Peter and Tony landing the ship together made me emotional they are father and son don't @ me
  • Peter freaking out while fighting the guardians talking about "alien eggs" and "I'm sorry if I eat you" he is too precious
  • "We kick names and take ass"
  • Tony calling Quill dipshit and Mister Lord
  • "Where is Gamora?" "I'll do you one better, who is Gamora??" "I'll do you one better, Why is Gamora?" ahh it was glorious
  • The 50% star thing Quill said about his human half being stupid so the humans are entirely stupid that was the sassy Starlord I wanted to see. Also it wasn't your plan but Tony's we see you Quill
  • "Don't call us plucky we don't know what it means"
  • Tony scolding Peter for pop culture references. Such dad.
  • Was it me or is it a new thing that Thor has like special powers in space and can breathe there and all like when did that happen?? Also the entire holding the star open thing was so unnecessary it didn't add anything other than "you'll die" "only if it kills me" "that... usually comes with dying" exchange
  • You know, I had compassion for Thanos until he threw Gamora over that cliff from that moment on I just wanted to see him suffer and get what he deserves
  • I think four of Thanos' "children" died and it was strangely satisfying they all suck
  • The Wakandans are freaking brave in the face of these thousands of aliens I was so impressed. Also the cloak shields are awesome.
  • Okoye wanting the Olympics and Starbucks is obviously iconic
  • So was Groot making the handle for Thor
  • Strange telling Tony they're in the Endgame now WHAT DOES IT MEAN
  • "My only curse is you" I cried, my poor Tony
  • Bucky and Rocket make such a good team "How much for the gun" "It's not for sale" "How much for the arm?" "..." "I'll get that arm"
  • Thor's entrance. Legendary.
  • Okay so here's my surviver count: Tony, Cap, Nebula, Nat, Bruce, War Machine, Thor, Rocket, Okoye, Captain Marvel, Shuri? Hawkeye? Ant-Man? (Highly likely)
  • According to the credits Downey and Hemsworth have their own chefs and I find that hilarious
I probably can't afford to go again but will definitely get it on DVD or something. It's just so detailed, you can find something new every time. Did you see it more than once, and were your experiences different?

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  1. I just scream...or maybe cry..idk. I want to see the movie again but in englisch this time to learn! AND HELL YOU ARE RIGHT?? What was with BUCKY?? I love him and they didn't let him say anything just two sentence, so sad. And my poor baby Peter...I want to hold him in my arms and say everything is okay...I see Aunt May in front of me and could cry again...What a movie.

    Love, Julia <3

    1. Yesss trust me it's so much better in English!!
      Honestly Bucky deserved more, and so did Peter. I thought of May too, can't even imagine what will happen when Tony shows up and has to tell her ughh ♥

  2. Oh my.. I just.. is nothing sacred anymore? That’s my main thought after seeing the movie (thank god in English not German).. I just got out of the cinema and literally my second though was: I need a support group - so thanks!
    After Nick vanished I really didn’t know what to think anymore. How? How are we supposed to live a year with that ending? I agree on Bucky’s screentime being too small. And Suri.. omg.. I really hope that they come up with something reeeaaally good in the next avengers otherwise I’m pissed. And what’s with that Captain Marvel Logo? Will she be able to help? Ugh.. too many questions and way too much time until we get to see the next big one - I’m also hoping a lot that hawk-eye and his family is safe.

    Jeeez... idk what to do with my life now. Help ����
    Love, Sophie

    1. That is so accurate Sophie, no boundaries anymore! I'm so glad I saw it in English too.
      Haha not at all, we all needed to talk after THAT!
      A year is waaay too long, they love to make us suffer. Hopefully not in Part 2 as well...
      From what I've heard Captain Marvel is not insanely powerful so idk how much a help she will be. Mhh.
      The blues is honestly so strong I'm incapable of functioning too!! ♥

  3. Seeing Thanos smile in the end, actually made me smile.
    That being said I was hoping that Little Gamora was going to be death (still could be?)

    1. That's so interesting! In a weird way his reasoning makes sense, but I was too angry after watching everyone dissolve lmao.
      Yeah I thought something like that too! It was a strange moment, maybe there's really more behind it.

    2. Maybe Death represented herself as little Gamora the whole time and that gave Thanos the mental fortitude to carry out the mission. Death played on Thanos' emotions to serve her wishes. IDK??

  4. Peter dying in Toni’s arms broke my already broken heart to pieces. I couldn’t keep it in anymore, i full on ugly cried in the cinema. Their acting was phenomenal truly, i had to turn my head away cause i was about to scream at the top of my lungs, but everyone was dead silent.

    1. So true. I was already crying but that moment killed me as well. Tom did such an amazing job! And RDJ, man, I've never seen a man so broken. For us too, you could hear a pin drop, what a powerful moment...

    2. Oh my god I cried so hard after Peter's scene. Literally he was clinging on to Tony so hard because he see's Tony as a father figure.Tony having to watch Peter drift away is so cruel it was HORRIBLE to watch.

    3. YOU NAME IT! I sobbed both times because you just can't be ready for this. Even thinking about how they held on to each other makes me tear up gskjldkjljf

  5. Seriously take Tony take cap take widow, banner even Thor just please give back Peter and Bucky and my king they deserve so much more��

    1. I feel your pain my friend!!

    2. Yeah that's what I thought too! I kept thinking before i saw it "please marvel don't kill Tony or cap" so I guess marvel listened.... But killed pretty much everyone else.
      Careful what you wish for o guess :'(

  6. When Peter and the Black Panther died there were gasps in the theater. Didn't Shuri take the stone from visions head before Thanos snapped his fingers? I distinctly saw that. Thanks for this post. I am sitting here watching Marvel reruns waiting until next week when I see it again.

    Also, I felt the way you did about Black Panther. I wasn't sure if I loved it or hated it until seeing it a second time. It was so different than any other Marvel movie. I ended up loving it and saw it three times.

    1. Of course it was hard to watch but ngl I love when you get such a strong reaction out of a crowd! It's a very special atmosphere.
      Shuri waved away the hologram, but the stone stayed in Vision's head until Wanda destroyed it/Thanos took it. Otherwise his gauntlet-finger-snap wouldn't have worked (which would've been nice but what can you do).

      Reruns seems to be an excellent medicine! And yes, I think Black Panther really needs its time but has a lot of potential. I'm glad you ended up enjoying it so much!

  7. OMG!... This movie has taken so many feelings! I was jumping and clapping when the team did something good. The entire theater clapped when Thor came back with all the power. I just did not understand the part of Thanos with Gamora when she was a girl when Thor stabbed him. What meaning does it have? I was so thorn about all the Avengers specially Dr. Strange (I think exactly the same as you, Why he did not reversed time?) and Peter it was so heartbreaking. Thank you for creating this post!

    1. That's so amazing! I had the urge to clap on several occasions but it's not really a thing here lmao. But omg yesss Thor's entrance was incredible!
      Yeah the Gamora flashback/alternative reality/what even? was very confusing. Nobody is sure what it means haha. Is he dying? Having visions? Is it the stones? It's not fair to wait a year to find out!
      Doctor Strange really better have a good excuse for this.
      And I'm so happy to hear this, thank you for commenting!

  8. I’m gonna cry more, but this helped me a lot. Thank you. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go sob into my pillow for a good half hour, telling my blanket that Peter and Bucky didn’t deserve it.

    1. They didn't. They deserved better

  9. I lost it after Grout died...He already died 2 movies ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Omg you're right! That's enough pain Marvel, thanks!!

  10. I think I died a little bit when Peter Parker died. He's literally perfect and didn't desrvde to die.
    And I want to smack everyone who says that it is all Peter quills fault! Wouldn't you freak out a little? Not just because his girlfriend was murdered, think of all the death he's had to deal with in the past. His father killed his mom, his father tried to kill him, he had to kill his fsther, his "daddy" died. It's just too much and he didn't deserve any of infinity war.
    If marvel doesn't delete this movie I'm gonna freak like whoever thought it was a good idea is literally the dumbest.
    And as for the pirate angel baby I want to eat his face off, and deep fry his bicep and eat it too.

    1. Me too - and apparently, Tom Holland improvised this? How amazing??
      I'm glad you're defending Peter because I agree that he doesn't deserve the bad rep he's getting now. My point is, yes of course he would have been emotional and freaked out, but I also think he would have been smart enough to channel his anger in taking the one thing Thanos wants more than literally anything in the universe from him? I just think that was out of character, blaming bad writing.
      Sorry to hear you were so disappointed, but it seems like you're not alone there! Also with Thor, always here for that man haha

  11. Yeah I heard tom holla d improved all of that, it makes it even more sad... And anazing like he's such a good actor it looked so genuine!
    I agree bad writing. They just wanted to make the guardians comic relief it sounds like cuz they act even more silly than they do in their movies.
    I think marvel did an amazing job incorporating all the characters (tho Steves role was really minimal kinda underwhelming to me) but I think they could have done a better job portraying the guardians

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