Pocket Penguin Week: Orange Books

by - 03 October

Willkommen zum ersten Tag der Pocket Penguin Week!

Heute widmen wir uns der ersten Farbe: Orange. Falls ihr im gestrigen Post fleißig mitgelesen habt wisst ihr, dass es also um die Bücher des Programms geht die keine Übersetzung benötigten, da sie im Original auf Englisch verfasst wurden! Hier sind natürlich ein paar berühmte Klassiker dabei, aber auch unbekannte und sogar eher naturwissenschaftlich orientierte Werke könnt ihr entdecken. 

Zu jedem Titel findet ihr kurze Beschreibungen, damit es nicht zu lang wird, und teilweise auch professionelle Einschätzungen. Wenn euch eine Geschichte dann näher interessiert, kommt ihr durch einen Klick auf den Titel zur jeweiligen Seite, wo ihr Dank Penguin in die Bücher reinlesen könnt. Am besten, ihr schreibt euch eure Favoriten schon einmal auf... nur so als Tipp für Freitag ;)


"O Pioneers!" - Willa Cather
Years afterward she thought of the duck as still there, swimming and diving all by herself in the sunlight.

A rapturous work of savage beauty, Willa Cather’s 1913 tale of a pioneer woman who tames the wild hostile lands of the prairie is also the story of what it means to be American.

Meinung: "Beautifully written and deceptively simple, O Pioneers! is a stunning novel about the force of nature and, ultimately, our own insignificance by comparison. The first in the Great Plains trilogy, I loved it for its luminous prose and headstrong lead character, Alexandra, who defies everyone that expects her to fail." - Claire Davis, PRH UK Digital Marketing Executive (Source: [x])

"The Malay Archipelago" - Alfred Russel Wallace
I slept very comfortably with half a dozen smoke-dried human skulls suspended over my head.

The great Victorian scientist’s heroic adventures across South-East Asia, from Singapore to the wilds of New Guinea, encountering head-hunters, jungles, birds of paradise and new discoveries that would change the world.

Meinung: "The most exotic, scientifically important, adventurous, beautifully written travel book ever written – how an impoverished Englishman wandered from island to island across southeast Asia and came up with ideas that changed the world." - Simon Winder, PRH UK Publishing Director (Source: [x])

"Mrs Dalloway" - Virginia Wolf
Sally stopped; picked a flower; kissed her on the lips.

The lives of a woman preparing for a party and a young man suffering from shell-shock converge on one June day in 1920’s London, in Woolf’s great novel of time, memory, war and the city.

Meinung: "Stylistically, Mrs Dalloway still feels astonishingly fresh to me almost 100 years after it was written. The way that Woolf does away with the paraphernalia of a conventional novel – eventful plot, concrete setting, fully formed character – to give us instead an impression of life as our minds live it, minute-by-minute, still feels revolutionary. It’s also her most accessible novel." - Matthew Hutchinson, PRH UK Publicity Executive (Source: [x])

"Out of Africa" - Karen Blixen
When you have caught the rhythm of Africa, you find that it is the same in all her music.

In one of the most passionate memoirs ever written, Karen Blixen recalls running a farm in Africa at the start of the twentieth century, and the love affair that changed her life.

Meinung: "Karen Blixen absorbed a unique storytelling tradition during the years she spent in Kenya, and you can see it so clearly here. Out of Africa feels like a collection of folk tales, warm but reflective, piecing together Blixen’s relationships with the people who worked and lived around her farm, and the other European colonists she spent her time with. It’s so different to other colonial memoirs, with Blixen experiencing genuine friendships outside of her colonial community, and a deep understanding of the different tribes and communities of east Africa.! - Zainab Juma, PRH UK Email Marketing and CRM Manager (Source: [x])

"Walden" - Henry David Thoreau
I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.

One man’s account of his solitary and self-sufficient home in the New England woods, this is the original book about abandoning our ‘lives of quiet desperation’ and getting back to nature.

Meinung: "The foundation stone of the entire environmental movement, Walden revolutionised how we think about nature and humankind’s place in nature – it is both a charming and a harsh book that has inspired many generations of readers." - Simon Winder, PRH UK Publishing Director (Source: [x])

"The Rainbow" - D. H. Lawrence
So Ursula became the child of her father’s heart.

Following three generations of a family in rural England as they struggle, fight, labour on the land and discover who they are, Lawrence’s rhapsodic, poetic and mystical work rewrote the novel.

Meinung: "D H Lawrence is mostly known for the controversy surrounding Lady Chatterley’s Lover, but he was also a formally interesting writer, experimenting with early forms of the modernism that would later characterise writers like Joyce and Woolf. The Rainbow spans three generations of a Nottinghamshire farming family, and charts the loves and disappointments of the Brangwens. It’s an emotionally frank story, unafraid of sex, and blunt about the casual cruelty we endure at the hands of lovers." - Zainab Juma, PRH UK Email Marketing and CRM Manager (Source: [x])

"The Call of Cthulhu" - H. P. Lovecraft
A mountain walked or stumbled. God!

Mad, macabre tales of demonic spirits, hideous rites, ancient curses and alien entities lurking beneath the surface of rural New England, from the man who created the modern horror story.

Meinung: "When I started reading Lovecraft it was like reading the dream journal of a madman, every scene viscerally described, yet full of unspeakable horrors always slightly out of reach. I was first attracted to Lovecraft’s landscapes and mystery, like a good detective novel, then later by the uniqueness of his theme: mankind’s helplessness in a universe too big to understand." - Mathieu Triay, PRH UK Creative Developer (Source: [x])

"The Secret Agent" - Joseph Conrad
The terrorist and the policeman both come from the same basket.

Set in an Edwardian London underworld of terrorist bombers, spies, grotesques and fanatics, Conrad’s dark, unsettling masterpiece asks if we ever really know others, or ourselves.

Meinung: "Why do I love The Secret Agent? Because it is Conrad and so dark and murky. Because it is about politics and people but the political people are monsters. Because the city and the century to come are dark and teeming and Conrad paints it many shades of black." - Colin Brush, PRH Copywriter (Source: [x])

"The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" - Carson McCullers
“The way I need you is a loneliness I cannot bear”

Making its twenty-three-year-old author an overnight literary sensation, this story of isolated, lost lives intersecting in a small town in the American South is a masterpiece of humane sensitivity.

"The Island of Doctor Moreau" - H. G. Wells
The eyes that glanced at me shone with a pale-green light.

A crazed vivisectionist engineers a new super-breed of monstrous ’Beast Men’ on a remote Pacific island, in H. G. Wells’s Victorian scientific nightmare of man playing god.

"Don't Look Now" - Daphne du Maurier
Her formidable sightless eyes turned in his direction…

A slow-burning masterpiece of horror recounting a grieving couple’s fateful visit to Venice, Don’t Look Now is accompanied here by further short tales of desire and dread.

"Good Morning, Midnight" - Jean Rhys
Saved, rescued, fished‑up, half‑drowned, out of the deep, dark river, dry clothes, hair shampooed and set…

Set in a 1930s Paris of shabby hotel rooms, seedy bars and drunken encounters, Jean Rhys’s semi-autobiographical portrayal of a young woman’s sexual encounters is a searingly honest exploration of loneliness and yearning.

Pictures, quotes and descriptions courtesy of PRH UK

Und, habt ihr schon den ein oder anderen Favoriten? Welche Bücher sprechen euch am meisten an?

Morgen geht es dann mit Rot, Gelb und Oliv weiter! Bis dahin wünsche ich euch einen schönen Feiertag. Ich bin so gespannt auf eure Meinungen und freue mich über jeden Kommentar ❤

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