Bullet Journal Flip Through: 2018 Set-Up

by - 11 March

Hello to all bullet journal junkies and pen-and-paper-friends,

the post you've been waiting for is finally here! It took me only three months to get to it but hey, the beauty of bullet journals is that you can set them up whenever you want, right? So, here we finally are. This is what my journal looks like in 2018:

"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss it, you will land among the stars."
As I've used my dear Leuchtturm all throughout 2017, a good deal of the notebook is already filled up. To save some space, the Welcome 2018 page will be the only purely decorative one - I didn't even complete all "Hello [month]" doodles from last year anyway. Just a random note: I don't know why the pictures are so blurry after uploading them here, on my phone they look crisp and sharp. Blogging life sure ain't easy!

Yearly Overview: January - June
basic overview of special events and birthdays during the year is essential for me, and this time my set-up was inspired by @bujobeyond. To make it pretty, I drew the respective birth month flowers and coloured them with Tombows and mildliners. I only went as far as April though because my life is not exactly predictable these days, and I don't want the order of dates with events to get messed up. This is also why I haven't done the second half of 2018 yet!

Goals | Wishlist
As we all know, it's important to set yourself long- and short term goals! Mine include general intentions like reading 100 books a year, but also specifics on how I want to handle my blog and Instagram account.

On the right, I've added a simple wishlist. You know that moment when someone asks you what you'd like for your birthday, and a while ago you thought of something you could really use but now that you need to remember it, it just slips your mind? That's what this page is for. Whenever I get an idea for myself (or someone else, for that matter), I quickly jot it down here.

Releases | Review Copies
Moving to bookish areas now: Releases and Review Copies. On the left is a simple calendar for various books and movies, so that I won't miss my most anticipated releases! And on the right, I'll add the most important information of my review copies, though I'm lying low in that area at the moment, so it's still empty.

TV Log | Watchlist
My TV Log is one of my favourite spreads, just because it's so satisfying to cross out each episode I watched! Although I only add long-term shows here and not the ones Netflix keeps track of for you.

Those go on the Watchlist, where I add shows and movies I'd like to check out or simply binge. Here, it's enough for me to fill out the empty circle ○ to • once I've seen it.

My monthly overviews stayed the same with a simple calendar for events, and columns for goals and tasks. Very minimalistic and only the essentials, which I really like! I've experimented with the weekly spreads after noticing that they didn't work for me anymore and I ended up barely using them.

This is where my latest weekly set-up comes in. I saw it on @bujowithmel's account and instantly loved it! There is only a small overview for the specific days of the week because my schedule is currently not fixed. Instead, I have lots of space for a to-do list that adds up during the week, and even a little space for my reading progress, a quote and some decorations. I'm really happy with it and, other than some fine-tuning, won't make any changes yet.

And that's it already! I hope this was helpful in some way for you, and apologise again for the photo quality. Maybe I will update the post once we get better lighting. If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to make the comment section your playground! Thank you so much for reading ❤︎

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