October 2017 Wrap-Up

by - 03 November

Hello you lovely people ☕

In the words of a tweet I read earlier: October is now Oct-over, and therefore my last free-to-read-all-the-time month has gone, which is very saddening of course. But you bet that I used this time as well as possible!

I finished five books, started one and listened to five audiobooks. Not such a bad turn-out, I'd say! Here is the overview:


City of Heavenly FireCassandra Clare640 pages
When Breath becomes AirPaul Kalanithi247 pages½
Some Kind of HappinessClaire Legrand374 pages☕½
NevernightJay Kristoff428 pages
Lady MidnightCassandra Clare 670 pages
This adds up to a total of 2359 pages, which is not as much as last month, but I did spend more than thirteen hours on audio books and was considerably busier too. I loved the variety of genres - YA, Memoir, Middle Grade and Fantasy - and enjoyed every book, which is after all the most important thing! Now, do you want the details? I thought you would say that.

I finished my reread of The Mortal Instruments with City of Heavenly Fire in a little over a month and absolutely loved it. My big review of the series is almost finished so if you're interested in the Shadowhunters, keep an eye out!

My next read was When Breath becomes Air, which one of my best friends recommended to me. I still find it hard to describe because there is so much in it. A memoir of a neurosurgeon who gets diagnosed with cancer - need I say more? I liked that it wasn't a sob story, but honest and realistic reflections of a man you would've enjoyed sitting down and discussing life and literature with.

Another intense read followed with Some Kind of Happiness. This book is proof that Middle Grade books can stir anyone who is open to reading them. It's an important story concerning depression, anxiety and children's (but also adults') mental health. I might never be able to write a review for it, but that's okay. If you're interested: read it. That's all you need to know.

Nevernight has to be my favourite book of the month. After the bumpy start everyone seems to have had, it became better and better with every page. It's BRILLIANT. Everything I ever wanted from a fantasy book. I cannot get over how good it is, honestly, and am so excited for Godsgrave to arrive!

The last book I read was Lady Midnight, and gosh, I have a lot to say about it. I'm genuinely conflicted and hope there will be time to write a long-ass review because damn. Too many feelings! But I keep thinking about it, and despite the issues I do have, I wish Lord of Shadows was already out in the spine art edition. Even when it makes me furious, the Shadowhunter world has this inescapable pull on me. You just have to know what happens!


This month, I discovered what is going down as my favourite audio book series ever. Decades ago, Radio Theater recorded The Chronicles of Narnia with individual actors for each character, sound effects and music that all go so well together, you feel like the story comes to life around you. It's so wonderfully British and magical, I simply fell in love. Luckily, you can find The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe as well as all the other books in this version on YouTube, and obviously I strongly recommend them to anyone who loves Narnia!


Just a quick note on my BuJo, because so many of you loved the flip through I posted (which made me extremely happy!): I really liked my last set-up and barely changed anything, so there won't be a similar post for November simply because there isn't anything new to see. I will however try to show you my weekly spreads, which change very frequently!

Until then, thank you for reading and I hope you will have a fabulous November

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