Bullet Journal Flip Through: October 2017

by - 08 October

Hello you lovely people!

When you're running a journal, and especially a bullet journal, chances are that half of the time you spend on it is actually just hunting for inspiration. At least it's like that for me, because my "creative self" is actually quite uncreative when it comes to making up the perfect spread from scratch. Which of course doesn't really exist anyway, because what works for you in one week might be quite useless in the next.

My BuJo constantly evolves, accumulating ideas like a thief pick-pocketing only the shiniest cents here and there; so apologies and credits to basically everyone who shares their journals with inspo-thieves like me. At the same time, this is also my favourite thing about bullet journals; you're free to adapt your layout to whatever situation you're currently in, and you learn from your experience but also that of others. I scroll through the tags, take what is useful and leave the rest behind, sometimes making changes and ultimately connecting everything to my own ideas, and well, the result is in this post.

I think it's time to give back to the BuJo Community, who helped shape my journal just as the pens and pencils I used, and show you what the idea-forgery that is my mind has finally created.

Greeting October
Every new month starts with a Hello doodle! I promise this looks better in real life, but I applied a filter that shows the structures a bit more clearly, so you can see all the lines and letters, especially the pastel mildliners I use for headlines. You know, going with practicality here. So let's get into it!

Monthly Overview | Finances
A basic overview of events, birthdays and meetings in a month is essential, along with my goals and most important tasks for the next thirty (one) days. As I don't have a lot going on at the moment this spread is quite minimalistic, although that might change in a busier month. Also, I will add some decorations to 'goals' and 'tasks', probably a few leaves, but didn't get around doing this yet.

My finances page is one of the most important ones, because I keep track of all my expenses here. The physical act of writing down what I spend money on helps me to see it as less abstract, which can easily happen when you manage your budget in an app or online - your money gets reduced to numbers instead of a physical thing, and that makes you more likely to spend it. So I log the date of when I purchased an item, which company it was from, what it was exactly, how I paid for it and how much it cost.

Reading | Blog
As a bookster, of course I need a page dedicated to my literary activities! On the left, I keep a very simple reading tracker. If you're a fan of tbr lists you can certainly prepare the log for every book you want to read, but I'd rather stay flexible and add the specific log for each book once I definitely start it. It only includes the most basic information: Title, Page Count (each box stands for 50 pages), Author, When I started it, When I finished it, How many stars it gets and Whether I reviewed it yet.

On the right, you might recognise my monthly overview layout again. This time, it's only for my blog and Bookstagram though! Today, I will write down the following: the category of the post I uploaded (BuJo), it's title (Flip Through October '17) and the little Instagram icon in the very last box to mark that I posted on Instagram. In the little table under the overview, I collect post ideas. The columns are labelled Category, Idea, Published, Promoted and !, to mark especially important posts that have a deadline. 

Gratitude Log | Memory Log | Monthly Doodle Challenge
Gratitude and Memories are very important items to me. They help me reflect on what I'm doing, and especially gratitude logs remind me that there is something positive to be found in each day. Both logs have been in my journal for a very long time, but their respective spreads have evolved massively. I used to put a gratitude list on the left, almost as it is now, and memories on the right page. But instead of writing something, I drew "memory doodles". I kept them very minimalistic, choosing one symbol that represented something memorable of that day. For a few months I enjoyed this a lot, but looking back, I sometimes couldn't remember what said item was supposed to represent. Great job, past-me. That's why in September, I started writing down one little memory each day, and that worked a lot better.

Doodling is a great exercise though, and I didn't want to lose it entirely, which is why I crammed gratitude and memories together on one page (which is absolutely enough) and instead use the Doodle Challenge prompts from @the.petite.planner. The September one didn't go too well as I haven't really found my drawing style again, but this month is at least off to a prettier start (thanks to inspiration from @myartsbujo). I will share my doodling progress in my insta-stories once in a while, so keep an eye out!

Week | Days
Moving on to Weekly and Daily spreads! These can literally change completely from one week to another, but this layout is one I keep coming back to. On the left, we have a habit tracker and my to do list for the week. The column on the right includes my weekly goals, a health tracker and a space to add upcoming tasks, events etc. In the middle, I have my dailies where I simply write down to-do's of the day. Oh, and the top 'headline' says "weekly" | "calendar week x" and under that, the dates of the week - specifically October 2 - October 8 here. I hope these close ups will give you a better idea of the way I organise my spread!


This turned out longer than I expected, so have a cookie if you made it this far 🍪 When I read other people's flip throughs, they tend to make me feel a bit overwhelmed because it seems like everyone but me has their life together... so here is just a little reminder that I don't either! Sometimes I forget to log memories, don't doodle, add expenses days later or move tasks I keep procrastinating from week to week to week. Never forget that none of us have it figured out, and that it's okay to move on your own speed. That's why bullet journals are so great: you can copy ideas or just do everything the way it fits you. :)

On that note, please let me know if you found this helpful in any way, and whether I should do more Bullet Journal posts!

Do you have a (bullet) journal? Or would you like to have one? Let me know in the comments ❤︎

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  1. Hi Sandy,
    nach mehreren Anläufen hab ichs jetzt auch endlich zum BuJo geschafft :D Bei mir sieht das alles noch etwas (sehr viel) ungeübter aus als bei dir. Aber mir gehts da ganz ähnlich wie dir auch: Die meiste Zeit schau ich mir Bilder von anderen an und hol mir da Ideen :)
    Was ich grade so von deinem BuJo sehe, gefällt mir aber sehr gut :)

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Heeey Kat!
      Wie aufregend, willkommen in der BuJo Familie :D Mach dir mal keine Gedanken über das Aussehen, meine ersten Versuche sahen auch ganz anders aus als jetzt, und es geht ja erst einmal um die Funktionalität! Das ist alles Übungssache.
      Ich bin so froh dass es dir auch so geht! Es hilft wirklich manchmal, einfach nur durchzuscrollen und eine Idee davon zu bekommen, was es so für Möglichkeiten gibt. :) Viel Spaß beim Journaling!
      Und, vielen Dank! ❤︎

  2. Hey!
    Ein richtig schöner Beitrag und tolle Fotos.
    Ich habe gemerkt, dass ich weder Weeklys noch Daylies brauche, bevor ich da was eintrage ist die Woche schon wieder vorbei.
    Ich nutze das BuJo eher für Listen, zB gelesene Bücher und sowas.
    Du hast mich aber motiviert, es wieder öfter in die Hand zu nehmen, das mit der Dankbarkeit finde ich richtig toll. <3

    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Danke liebe Nicci!!
      Das mit den Weeklies/Dailies geht mir auch manchmal so, diese Woche habe ich zum Beispiel keine. :D Aber wie gesagt, es ist toll dass man so flexibel sein kann! Später auf die Listen zurück blicken zu können, ist bestimmt auch richtig interesant. Ich freu mich sehr wenn ich dich ein bisschen inspirieren konnte! Dankbarkeit üben kann das Denken ungemein verändern :)

  3. Huhu Sandy,

    das ist ein toller Post. Bitte mehr davon ♥ Ich kann immer BuJo Inspiration gebrauchen und du gibst mir davon immer ganz viel ♥


    1. Awww vielen vielen Dank meine Liebe ❤
      Dann bleibe ich dran an den BuJo Posts! :)

  4. Jetzt muss ich unbedint meinen eigenen BuJo Post schreiben, auf die Idee bin ich davor gar nicht gekommen, vielen Dank dafür :)
    LG Lisa

    1. Immer gern! Ich bin gespannt auf deinen Post :)

  5. Hallo Sandy :-)
    Ich bin gerade durch Zufall auf deinen Blog gestoßen - und bleibe direkt als Leserin hier, denn er ist wirklich super schön!
    Der Post ist dir auch sehr gelungen. Ich liiiebe es ja, Kalender oder dergleichen zu personalisieren und zu gestalten. An ein Bullet-Journal habe ich mich aber noch nicht gewagt...
    Auf meinem Blog wird gestaltung auch ganz groß geschrieben. Es geht um Design und Illustration. Falls du dich dafür interessierst, würde ich mich total freuen, wenn du mich mal besuchen kommst!

    Viele liebe Grüße und einen tollen Abend für dich!
    Chiara <3